It is always interesting to look at the history of a common place item. Many of the products and innovations we use today date back to 18th century, others yet are from the Renaissance. Few of the items we use today can date back to ancient civilisations, stickers is one of such products.

Stickers first started as handmade paper labels which developed into printed adhesive paper or, what we call today, print sticker labels.

The idea of stickers was first used by ancient Egyptians to advertise the rates of their products in the markets. The sticker, a simple piece of paper, was plastered to the wall of the market.

During the 18th century, competitions in markets were so high that the sellers used colorful paper and pasted it with a gum to various types of fruits and fruits crates. They simply applied the gum paste to the back of the sticker and allowed it dry. They considered this as a good method to attract the customers’ eyes – you can see the same principle in modern times- stickers are used on products in shops for special offers.

The very first adhesive paper was invented by a British inventor, named Sir Rowland Hill in 1839, and became what we know today as postage stamps. The adhesive was achieved by wetting the back of the stickers and then applying on an envelope.

One modern version of the sticker was invented in 1935 by R. Staton Avery. He invented a machine that produced self-adhesive labels and the process involved the same idea of sticker label printing, namely that the adhesive side was stuck onto a silicone coated liner where it can easily be removed and reapplied.

Today’s sticker labels come in a wide range of colours, shapes and used for a wide selections of applications. You can easily create your own stickers for your own brand, thanks to the latest technology which provides the best quality sticker labels.

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