The packaging industry has made tremendous strides in quality, effectiveness and efficiency in recent decades. As technology has improved and the range and complexity of products needing to be packaged has increased, so has our ability to deliver advanced labelling and packaging solutions.

We now live in a global economy which means products are made and sent all over the world, all the time.The pressure on businesses to deliver products on time and to the highest standard is greater than ever. However thanks to technology such as fast labels and fast labelling machines, the process of packaging and labelling your product is now incredibly efficient.

Labelling machine by ALS, as seen in the video below can work at a relentless pace, delivering the highest quality labelling and packaging solutions. In the video below is ALS FastPaQ UHS 250 labeller, in-line on a carton folding and gluing line.

While there have been massive technological developments in the last 50 years there has been equally impressive advances in the understanding of marketing and customer behaviour which, as a result has influenced the way products we see packaged at the supermarket today.

There have also been big changes in legislation over the decades, particularly in relation to food packaging. Food manufacturers are now legally required to display a huge amount of nutritional information. The company that makes these food items might need to this product labelled tens of thousands of times and with an extremely low margin of error. Thankfully with products like the ALS FastPaQ there is an incredibly low margin of error. Just 0.4 mm!

The other major challenge for the labelling and packaging of products is all down to shape and complexity. Marketing departments are always looking for creative new pays of presenting products, which is fantastic, for customer. For the packaging and labelling industry, the most efficient shapes are simple ones, likes squares and rectangles. However the demands of modern packaging and label application have been met by companies such as ALS.