In a recent article we discussed how does thermal transfer ribbon work? In this blog article we want to show what thermal transfer ribbons are used for.

Many different types of everyday prints are used with thermal ribbons for typically creating labels and barcodes. Different thermal ribbons are used according to the usability and nature of that particular label/barcode. Some labels maybe used for tough conditions, such as exposure to heat and water, other labels may only need to be scratch prove. Thermal prints are produced by thermal labelling printing machines.

There are three different types of ribbons which are wax ribbon, wax/resin ribbon and resin ribbon. Wax is the least expensive with the least durability, wax/resin is tougher than wax ribbon, and lastly, resin is the toughest of all ribbons with high toughness and durability, also comes at the highest price of the three.

This article will present a visual image of what, where and when thermal ribbons is used.

Wax Ribbons

Wax Resin Ribbon

Resin Ribbon